Allergy relief starts at home.

Get the latest in alternative allergy treatment shipped right to your door. No shots, no drops, just relief!
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At-Home Allergy Relief Made Simple

Why wait at the doctor’s office when you could treat your allergies from the comfort of your own home? Through our online portal, you’re only three steps away from at-home allergy relief.

Step 1: Take Our Quiz

First, you’ll want to make sure transdermal immunotherapy (TdIT) is right for you. Our brief questionnaire will help you analyze your symptoms as well as address any health conditions to see if TdIT could be a solution. It takes less than 5 minutes, and can be completed directly on our website!

Step 2: Schedule An Online Visit

Once you’ve completed the quiz and have been recommended for TdIT, you’ll be asked to schedule an appointment with one of our Online Providers.

Step 2: Schedule An Online Visit

Once you’ve completed the quiz and have been recommended for TdIT, you’ll be asked to schedule an appointment with one of our Online Providers.

Step 3: Start Treatment at Home

After a prescription is issued by a Provider, your personalized allergy cream will be delivered directly to your door. Simply follow the indicated dosage requirements and apply three times a week to your forearm. Leave each application on for 15 minutes and rinse — allergy relief has never been  easier!
Using his years of medical experience and his passion for patient health, Dr. James Strader, founder of ShotFree Allergy, has set his focus on helping allergy sufferers across the nation find the relief they deserve.
After listening to patients complain about the discomfort of allergy shots and drops, and the time wasted at the doctor’s office for themselves or their children, I knew there had to be a way to make an allergy solution that wasn’t painful, was easy to use, and could be done from your own home. Thus, ShotFree Allergy was created!

A Better Way To Treat Allergies

Why Reinvent, When You Could Revise?

Allergy immunotherapy has been globally used and accepted for over a century. While shots and drops have been known to be an effective allergy solution, they are expensive, painful, time-consuming, and overall unpleasant. However, there is much to be said for the science behind this form of allergy immunotherapy, which is why at ShotFree Allergy we didn’t seek to reinvent the wheel, but revise it instead!

Like Shots and Drops, TdIT:

Uses The Same Gentle Ramp-Up
Starting at the same 1:1,000,000 concentration, TdIT uses the same gentle ramp-up in concentration of natural allergen extracts to minimize any risk of rash or other reaction.
Contains Natural Allergen ExtractsBy using the allergens you are allergic to, TdIT gradually desensitizes your immune system and weakens your reaction over time, providing relief from the allergens that bother you the most.
Targets The Root Cause of AllergiesSimilar to shots and drops, TdIT specifically targets the root cause of allergies, rather than simply masking the symptoms like over-the-counter medication to give you lasting relief.

Unlike Shots and Drops, TdIT:

Compliments Your Budget
Shots, drops, and over-the-counter medications can get expensive, costing you up to $350 a month! Through ShotFree Allergy, transdermal immunotherapy only costs $199 a month — that’s half the price of other treatment options!
Can Be Applied at HomeTdIT allergy cream can be applied from the comfort of your own home, and on your own time. Although drops can be ingested at home, their unpleasant taste and undesirable delivery method are not ideal for allergy sufferers — kids especially! Shots, on the other hand, can not be applied at home, meaning endless doctor visits and time wasted in a waiting room. Who wants that?
Comes in The Form of A CreamTransdermal allergy cream enables you to interact with allergens in the most natural way possible: through your skin. The cream is easy to apply, and quickly soaks through your skin to the lymphatic system (where the immune system lives!) in as little as 15 minutes.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

What does TdIT treat?

Transdermal immunotherapy is ideal for those suffering from perennial and seasonal allergies, as well as those with allergies to dogs or cats. TdIT is not a solution for people with food allergies.

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Is TdIT right for me?

Most allergy sufferers are able to use the TdIT allergy cream. However, people who are under the age of six, or have a preexisting condition such as: history of stroke, history of cardiovascular disease, history of anaphylactic reaction to allergy immunotherapy, currently on blood pressure medication, currently on heart medication, moderate/severe asthmatic, and/or severe allergies may not be able to use TdIT. Take our Quiz to see if TdIT is right for you.

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Where is it currently available?

Currently, we have Online Providers who are able to prescribe TdIT in the following states: North Carolina, California, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. However, we are always looking to expand our network through trustworthy Partner Clinics.

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Visit our FAQ page for more information on ShotFree Allergy, TdIT, and our Providers.

Lasting Allergy Relief Is Only A Few Clicks Away.

Ready to finally find a real allergy solution for you or your child? Take our quiz to find out if transdermal immunotherapy through ShotFree Allergy is right for you!