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What is TdIT?

Transdermal Immunotherapy (TdIT) is an allergy immunotherapy created by pharmacists using the same ingredients that allergists use when making allergy shots and allergy drops. By using a transdermal base cream that pulls the allergens through the skin to the lymphatic system (where the immune system lives!), your body becomes exposed to the allergen in a more natural way, desensitizing you over time to the allergens that irritate you the most.

TdIT targets and relieves allergy symptoms associated with perennial and seasonal allergies, as well as allergies to pets. Unlike other allergy treatment options, this transdermal treatment comes in the form of a cream, is designed for safety and ease of use, and can be applied in the comfort of your own home.

Allergens Targeted with TdIT

Perennial Allergies

TdIT is designed to target the most common perennial allergies, such as dust mites, molds, cockroach and mouse allergies.

Year-round allergies, referred to as perennial allergies, are the result of your body reacting to airborne substances that are present throughout the year indoors. You may experience these allergies at any point during the year, or all year long. Symptoms may be exacerbated during winter months when many people spend more of their time indoors. The most common perennial allergy is an allergy to house dust. House dust may contain a number of substances which can cause allergies such as mold spores, dust mite droppings, cockroach droppings, and animal dander.

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Seasonal Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies in the spring, summer or fall? TdIT is designed to target the most common seasonal allergies in your region, including pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds.

Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever, are the result of your body reacting to airborne pollens from various trees, grasses, and weeds that release their pollens predominantly in the spring, summer, and fall. You may experience symptoms in one of these seasons, or all three, depending on which pollen you react to. The most common seasonal allergies are to pollens from trees, grasses, and weeds.

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Allergies to Pets

TdIT is designed to provide lasting relief from allergies to both dogs and cats. Allergies to pets are the result of your body reacting to allergens found in the saliva and dander (dead skin flakes) of your cat or dog, not in the pet’s hair.

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Safety & Ease of Use

Transdermal immunotherapy makes for a safe and easy application — which is why you can apply it on your own at home!
Did you know that 1 out of every 100 people have a severe allergic reaction, or anaphylaxis, as a result of allergy shots? When using allergy drops, 1 out of every 1,000 run the risk of anaphylaxis, too. With transdermal allergy cream, however, only 1 out of 10,000 people may experience an allergic reaction. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see which option makes the most sense!
At ShotFree Allergy, we have created a process that puts your safety first. Throughout every step of the treatment process, there will always be an online provider who is trained in the proper application safety protocol available to assist you.
During the three-month introductory period, we recommend that the medication be applied with a trained medical professional present on the first day of each increased dose in case any reaction to the allergy cream occurs.
Transdermal allergy cream makes allergy treatment a breeze. After specifying your allergies — seasonal, perennial, or allergies to pets — and where you live, we will be able to deliver a cream that targets the allergies in your region. To use the cream, apply it to your forearm and wait 15 minutes; this allows the cream to soak through your skin and reach the lymphatic system. By repeating this process three times per week, with dosages increasing gradually, your immune system is gradually introduced to allergens and becomes desensitized to them over time.
Ready to experience the difference TdIT can make in your life? Get started by requesting an appointment with one of our online providers below!